What Will Be Your Second Act?

A second act is a second chance. Are you writing the story for your next chapter? Video by Cynergy Media … [Read More]

Your Stylish Ways

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Your Stylish Ways - YSW is our style web site that showcases sophisticated, savvy, and sassy styles … [Read More...]

Her Stylish Ways

A stylish woman knows what is appropriate to wear, how to wear it, when to wear it and what to wear … [Read More...]

Swag That Bag

I am Rebecca McClain, founder of Swag That Bag LLC, an online luxury consignment boutique for buying … [Read More...]

Slap Caps

  So I just could not figure out why every winter I would end up having to get more of my … [Read More...]

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Autism and Me!

It was Mother’s Day 1991, when I received a handmade Mother’s Day card and a check with a note that would change the direction of my career. The … [Read More...]

Pricing for Your Business

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Reach Out!

When things are not going your way. You may not need to give up. You just need to do things differently. Reach out to new ideas and explore new … [Read More...]

Your Home Headquarters: Thinking of Starting Your own Business?

  Flexibility, creating your own lifestyle and being accessible to your kids may be one of the many reasons why an independent woman wants to … [Read More...]

Celebrate and Share Awards Women of Excellence

Women of Excellence will be honored at this spectacular breakfast. Register on Eventbrite. Contact us to advertise your event at: adv@onyxwoman.com … [Read More...]

Let’s Get Real About Entrepreneurship

Let’s Get Real about Entrepreneurship Let’s face it… the corporate world has changed as we know it. Employees have become an expense that some … [Read More...]

Go Get That Job, Girl!

Are you going through a career block and not sure of exactly what you "Really" want to do with your life? Have you tried, "Job Shadowing?" Before you … [Read More...]

Word of the week: Confidence

Word of the week is "Confidence" Enter into a situation as if  you are certain of the outcome, and know that whatever happens, it may have been either … [Read More...]