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Protected by Purpose: Entrepreneur Dorinda Walker is Midlife and Thriving Dorinda Walker is an acclaimed author of the book “Protected by Purpose”, an award-winning multicultural marketer and CEO … [Read More]

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HomeGirl CEO Mugs

The HomeGirl CEO mugs that are just for "YOU"!  Sistahs are doing it for themselves, and they are … [Read More...]

Your Stylish Ways Venturing Through Life Stylishly

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YSW Celebrates the Women of Style and Substance

Are you a woman of style and substance? Send us information about why you should be featured in our … [Read More...]

YSW: Your Stylish Ways Lifestyle and Self-care Blog

Your Stylish Ways - YSW is our lifestyle web site that showcases sophisticated, savvy, and sassy … [Read More...]

10 Charming Ideas to Decorate a Small Patio … [Read More...]

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