3 Day Getaway – Santa Fe, New Mexico

There’s nothing like taking a break under big stars and a never ending sky. That’s exactly what you’ll find on a three day getaway to Sante Fe, New Mexico. New Mexican culture is rich with Native American heritage and home to 23 tribes and 19 pueblos. Can you imagine driving through a city and seeing both modern and traditional squat pueblo-style houses covered in traditional stucco relatively untouched by the modern architecture you see today?

The reservations and pueblos have different professional specialties, from casinos to retail business, and weaving. Santa FE Indian MarketYou can see the teepee making businesses with large stick frames pointed to the sky, half wrapped in the cover fabric and printed with traditional tribal images.

Amidst the mountainous landscape, the sky is low and clear of any clouds on most days and it looks like you’re even closer to heaven and able to speak to God from such a spiritual place. If you need to see what I’m talking about, I would suggest checking out a bit of Georgia O’Keeffe’s renowned work and best known for her beautiful landscapes from the New Mexican desert.

This trip had four amazing highlights in addition to visiting friends and enjoying a spiritually cleansing experience. (Click on the link to see more) http://www.yourstylishways.com/3-day-getaway-santa-fe-new-mexico/

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