Onyx Woman for the Holidays

Follow Support Our Sisters! It’s beginning to look like the holiday season! Do Your Holiday Shopping in Style and Get a Little Something Special for Yourself ***Attendance is FREE!*** Saturday, November 16, 2019 Kingsley Association * 6435 Frankstown Avenue * Pittsburgh, PA 15235 Get Your Vendor Table TODAY! Vendor Tables:  $85.00… Please note there will […]

Caregiving: Dying Slowly in America by Rosemary Crawford

Follow Dying slowly in America is a costly and painful experience for the departing family member, as well as for their loved ones, particularly if dementia is involved.While dying is a natural part of life, government and medical institutions are not always set up to provide quality health care at an affordable price. During the […]

Meet Stephanie Durrett, President & CEO SD Transit Inc.

Follow Stephanie Durrett President and CEO SD Transit, Inc. 16 Years in the Industry   OW: What has been your greatest inspiration? SD: My husband, Kenny Durrett. Although his passing was the saddest time in my life, it motivated, inspired, and challenged me to continue the good work he began: making SD Transit the best possible […]

La’Tasha Mayes Shares Her Greatest Inspiration

Follow La’Tasha D. Mayes Founder and Executive Director New Voices for Reproductive Justice 16 Years in Social Justice OW: What has been your greatest inspiration? LM: My greatest inspiration has been the legacy of my ancestors and witnessing the power and potential of Black women and girls. We always lead and we always resist all […]

Meet Kimberly Ellis, President Fierce Start Media Community Activist

Follow Kimberly Ellis President Fierce Star Media Community Activist Over 30 Years in Activism OW: What has been your greatest inspiration? KE: My mother is my greatest inspiration. She was a beautiful, kind, loving, and generous mother who taught me every- thing she could and wished even more for me than she had ever had in […]

Pittsburgh’s Top 25 Women: Tamiko Stanley is a Great Inspiration

Follow Tamiko Stanley Senior Executive Manager, Corporate Human Resources US & Canada FedEx, Genco 20 Years in Business and Human Resources 16 Years working with Affirmative-Action/ EEO and Diversity and Inclusion OW: What has been your greatest inspiration? TS: I find inspiration to succeed in so many things. I am inspired by making loved ones […]

Carol Neyland, Helping Moms Open the Door to the American Dream

Follow Carol A. Neyland Senior Vice President Community Development Dollar Bank Carol Neyland As Vice President of Community Development, Carol has been instrumental through Dollar Bank’s Mortgages for Mothers program to enable mothers and their families to take advantage of the American Dream of owning their own home. 39 Years in the Financial/Banking Industry  OW: […]