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What’s Your Excuse, Today?

Follow Start paying closer attention to the people who are doing the things that you want to do. A friend and I were having a conversation about people not following their dreams. She said  today there is really no excuse for people not doing the things that they really want to do. We both agreed […]

Are You Doing What You Really Want to Do?

Follow Many people work long and hard to get access to the right opportunity. The right opportunity can lead you in the right direction, and get you closer to your goals. So why then do people pass up opportunities in hopes that, like a bus, another will come along?  I wouldn’t bet on it. When […]

Career Search – You Better Tell Somebody

Follow You Better Tell Somebody Where to Start Your Career Search Your career move should not be a secret. When you know that you are on your way out whether voluntarily or against your will, it is a good idea to broadcast your intentions to everyone (except your current employer).  You will be surprised to […]

HomeGirl CEO: Is Your Business Making Money?

Follow Being in business is one thing; staying in business is something else entirely. Staying in business will be determined by how much money you bring in, how much of that you actually get to keep, and how well you manage it. At the end of the day business is about “MONEY”; you have to also […]

Ten Steps to Starting a Business

Follow Ten Steps to Starting a Business Starting a business involves planning, making key financial decisions and establishing as a legal entity. These 10 easy steps can help you plan, prepare and manage the process of starting your own business. Your business plan is your roadmap to success. If you fail to plan then you […]

New President and CEO of the YWCA Greater Pittsburgh, Janine Woods, is on a Mission

Follow Janine Woods is the new Chief Executive Officer of the YWCA Greater Pittsburgh. A Kansas native, Woods began her professional career in corporate America with Fortune 500 companies, but soon realized her heart’s desire was to work on behalf of those most in need – thus beginning her career in the nonprofit world. Woods’ […]

5 Tips for Today’s Freelance Entrepreneur

Follow It means the freedom to set your own hours, to work closely with clients, to be your own boss and have greater control over your career. According to Forbes, there are 53 million freelancers in America today, and by 2020, it’s estimated that half of the workforce will be doing freelance work, whether full […]

HomeGirl CEO Mugs

Follow The HomeGirl CEO mugs that are just for “YOU”!  Sistahs are doing it for themselves, and they are working it while using their custom, culturally specific HomeGirl CEO mug. One side says “HomeGirl CEO” and the other says, “Sistahs are Doing it for Themselves” Order today; $13.00 plus $ 2.50 Shipping and handling. Out […]

Aging Women and the Media: They Just Aren’t That into Us!

Follow Aging Women and the Media: They Just Aren’t That into Us!     I have noticed something missing in the media beyond the usual lack of  minorities and positive role models on television, both in fictional programming and so-called “reality” TV. I have become disturbingly aware of the absence of “Women of a Certain […]

Your Stylish Ways Venturing Through Life Stylishly

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YSW Celebrates the Women of Style and Substance

Follow Are you a woman of style and substance? Send us information about why you should be featured in our Profile in Style section. You must work in the fashion, beauty, decorating, travel or lifestyle industry. The story could be about you, or a stylish subject matter. [Click here for more details] Follow

Girl, Work that Side Gig!

Follow Are you a Side Gig Girl on the grow, but you don’t know how to start or level-up with your side gig? I have close to 30 years of business experience with a specialty in marketing, sales, and public relations. Let me work with you to bring clarity to your ideas, your focus and […]

Have You Ever Thought about What Your Credit Report Says about You?

Follow Saloam Bey, President of Credit Power, LLC., shares her knowledge of what creditors and employers look for in your financial profile. Veteran Credit Expert, Saloam Bey, want to teach you how to live amongst the “Haves” not the “Have nots” Have You Ever Thought about What Your Credit Report Says about You?  Creditors, lenders, […]

2019 Onyx Woman Leadership Honoree, Beverly Harris-Walker, is an Unsung Hero

Follow We all have value. Don’t allow the negativity in your environment to break your spirit or take the light that resides in us all.  Beverly J. Harris-Walker, MSW  Title: Values for Life Training Coordinator  Company: Center for Family Excellence, Inc.  Industry: Non-profit social services  Years in this Industry: 35 years  Why did you choose this profession?  I am […]