Brenda Tate: A Woman Living Her Purpose

Photo by Leah Loves That Photography

Photo by Leah Loves That Photography

Brenda Tate
Retired PPD Detective
PA State Democratic Committee

40 Years in Law Enforcement

OW: What has been your greatest inspiration?

BT: Witnessing an African American family ascend to the highest o ce in the Free World.

OW: When did you first become aware of your purpose?

BT: Thirty years ago when I overcame my demons.

OW: Name one person you consider a great role model and tell us why.

BT: My 95-year-old aunt, Margaret, because of her spirit, strong will, and tenacity.

OW: What is the biggest career mistake that you have ever made?
BT: Not serving in the military. I allowed someone to convince me not to join.

OW: What was the best thing that you have ever done, which got you where you are today?
BT: Working hard to overcome my demons and challenges.

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