Money Moves: Other People’s Money – How to get Sponsorship and Fund Your Business and Projects

Learn How to Attract Sponsorship Funds, Create Profitable Events and Generate Extra Revenues

I have close to 30 years in business. Most of my job requires me to seek out sponsorships opportunities from major corporations to finance my business ventures.

Are you searching for ways to finance your business ideas, projects or events?

Let us point you in the right direction to making your dream business idea, project or event a reality and a financial success

 Who should participate?

  • If you have a project or event and you are seeking sponsors
  • If you don’t know how to identify prospects
  • If you struggle to find out the steps to seek out sponsorship
  • If you are not sure what sponsors are looking for prior to making their decision to sponsor you
  • You have a problem pitching your ideas to funders.

Three part series;

  1. On-site Workshop  (3:00 – 4:45)
  2. Group 1-hour Conference call  (Date to be determined)
  3. On-on-One call (Scheduled individually)

When:   Saturday, April 13, 2019

Where: Darby Recreation Center

Time: 3:00 – 4:45 p.m.

Cost:  $130.00 prior to 4/2 –  $145 after 


Phone: (412) 731-5159

Pay Here: 

Please send us an email indicating:
  1. The name of your business,
  2. The industry that you are in
  3. How long you have been in business.
  4. What you would like to fund
  5. How much

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What attendees have to say!

I immediately received my first sponsorship

I attended the workshop and I found it very useful. After the workshop, I used the letter that we drafted and started looking online for funders to donate towards my organization.  I was able to identify what organizations would provide money for my upcoming event.  Without further thought about sponsorship, to my surprise, yesterday in my mailbox was a check from Walmart for $500.00. I was so grateful. Because of the letter and the class I immediately received my first sponsorship donation for this event. 

                                                        Charlise Smith, Founder  – WAVE

I was able to identify prospects

Attending the Sponsorships: Finding Funding Workshop hosted by Onyx Woman Magazine gave me the opportunity to stop and take action to learn more about funding through sponsorships. I was able to glean from the workshop an outline for creating a strong sponsorship letter, identifying prospects, the all-important “Pitch” that should be used to get the attention of sponsors and much more. Ola’s candid delivery made this more than just a workshop, but an experience from the vantage point of an expert. Well worth the investment, indeed!

                                                       Dr. Renee Galloway, Author and Coach

 You will learn the 6 top techniques:

  1. What to charge
  2. What to offer
  3. What sponsors are looking for
  4. How to identify Sponsors for your project
  5. How to leverage sponsorships
  6. Maximize your funding to increase your revenues

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