Beauty is Yours!

Follow Written by: Maia J Williams Maia is an up and coming fashion writer, T-shirt designer and budding business owner.  She is co-creator of Heels Over Haters Society bases beauty off of what is mainly on the outside, especially for women and teenage girls. Our society says your weight, hair, skin, eyes, full lips and […]

Finding My Lost Self-Esteem

Follow By Kim EL Several years ago I realized that the onset of my low self- esteem was rooted in my environmental upbringing as a young child. It was the early 60’s and I grew up in a family full of love in Pittsburgh’s Hill District. I lived in a house with my mother, father […]

Trapped! – Released from Domestic Violence

Follow Trapped  By Roxanne Epperson Domestic violence is a public health issue that is permeating our communities at epidemic proportions and affects women and girls around the world regardless of race, ethnicity, or financial status. One-third of American women report being physically or sexually abused by a husband or boyfriend at some point in their […]

Question of the Day: Are you living your life to the fullest?

Follow Are you living your life to the fullest?  If not, why?  Share with us what living life to the fullest means to you.   We want to get to know you, our readers better and connect with you. We all have different a path share yours in the comments below and how you are […]

Martha’s Vineyard – Sisters & Friends Getaway!

Follow Who are the women that attend Sisters & Friends Getaway? While many do not know each other, sisterfriends come from varying background, stages and ages in life and share one common bond and that is to experience a peaceful, relaxing vacation. Women come from Washington, Texas, California, Georgia, Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York and […]

Hey Lady, Move That Mountain!

Follow   Sometimes no matter how hard you try, it seems like something is standing in the way of success. You can prepare and put as much as you can in place but unexpected obstacles manage to slow down the process in ways that make every goal seem harder to reach. Overcoming Obstacles is our theme for […]

Take Time Out!

Follow I had a 12-hour day. You know the type of day when you leave before the sun comes out and don’t return until well after sunset? I left my work life and personal responsibilities to be of service to the community and fulfill my personal commitment to give back. The end of the day […]

Find Inspiration, Motivation and Encouragement In Your Inbox

Follow What do we share with you in our Onyx Woman Newsletter? We start with a little inspiration, some motivation and a lot of encouraging words. We share with you the advice, tips and stories from some successful women, coaches, authors, and consultants. Our topics range from workplace issues, family matters, finances, entrepreneurship, fashion, travel […]

How ‘Bout a little Stiletto Workout!

Follow Tired of the same old workout grind? Why not try something new? It requires a new way of thinking, the right attitude, and a pair of very high-heeled shoes. Stiletto workouts are becoming popular across the nation. Participants get to strut their stuff in their favorite high heels while getting a good workout and, […]

The Kinks, Locks and Twists Conference™ 2015

Follow     The Kinks, Locks and Twists Conference™ 2015 offers women of color and allies a unique space to explore the dynamic relationship between the health and well-being of our bodies, communities and the ecosystems in both a local and global context. Like us on Facebook Follow Us on Twitter Visit our Website Click Here […]

Take a Break-cation

Follow It’s not a vacation or staycation, simply your commitment to yourself to mentally escape from the worries of the day. Remove yourself from the stress and the worries that have been overwhelming you.  Avoid the distractions and the people who attribute to you losing your focus. Don’t answer the phone, don’t return phone calls, […]

Starting Your Day “New”

Follow Don’t feel guilty when you can’t stick to, or choose to, break away from your routine. When you work hard it is okay to give yourself a break. That is one of the reasons why you work hard so that you can step back when you want and need to. Breaking out of a routine […]


Follow By Jarene Barnes As the holidays approach the majority of people are enjoying the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.  However, there are many caregivers that will be happy when the holidays are over.  Caregiving creates a level of stress that is beyond the imagination.  Caregivers are absorbed with loved one’s pain, fears, […]

Stop Saying, “I’m Too Old”

Follow Over the past few months I have heard women talk about the dreams they want to fulfill only to convince themselves that it is too late to pursue something new. You heard the saying, “If you think you can, then you can. If you think you can’t, then you can’t.”  If not now, then […]