Wendy Y. Bailey Released Her Book, “I Charge for That!”

Follow Master Business and Sales Coach Wendy Y. Bailey released her latest title, I Charge for That, on July 10. This business and life-changing book aims to equip entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches and consultants with the mindset shift needed to have sales conversations with confidence. According to a recent survey, almost 60 percent of buyers want […]

Adult Novel Explores Betrayal: Is Love Worth a Second Chance?

Follow Detroit, MI (BlackNews.com) — A first anniversary, plans for a surprise romantic Hawaii vacation – and a spouse who left you for someone else. Now imagine your ex wants you back 27 years later and is willing to pull out all the stops to rekindle your love. Social media has made reconnecting with people […]

Veronica N. Chapman Helps You Find Children’s Books with Black Characters

Follow Nationwide (BlackNews.com) — If you have ever struggled to find children’s books with Black representation, look no further! You can now find them in one place thanks to author and serial entrepreneur Veronica N. Chapman. BlackBabyBooks.com is a website that makes it easier to discover and purchase children’s books with Black characters. Because the […]

Disruption of Life: Catherine’s Story

Follow by Janae C. Hill Based upon the author’s real heartbreaking experiences, Disruption of Life: Catherine’s Story exposes the horrible truth that was her own childhood. As a little girl, Catherine is subjected to severe sexual, mental, and emotional abuse from the one woman she should be able to trust most in life: her mother. […]

Anointing of Ease

Follow Followers of Christ should follow Christ . . . and His example. Have you ever heard a sermon that sounded something like this? “If you are a child of God, you are either in the middle of a storm, coming out of a storm, or going into a storm.” Ironically, the example we are […]

What will your child be reading this summer?

Follow Catherine is sweet, caring, adventurous, vivacious, smart and fun. As the baby of the family, she made her first attempt to outshine her big sister by auditioning for the lead in her school’s play. Catherine is heartbroken whenever she discovers that she didn’t get the part. Like many girls, she finds an escape by […]

On Earth as it is in Heaven By Julia Castro

Follow This month’s book review by Daryl E. Jackson My husband ,Daryl E. Jackson, is an avid reader. He probably reads about one to two books per month. During a recent trip to Arizona we met the author Julie Castro. My husband got hold of her book and could not seem to put it down. […]

Meet Author Nicole Narvaez Manns

Follow A native of Philadelphia, Nicole Narvaez Manns attended the University of Pittsburgh, majoring in Business and Communications. Shortly after graduating in 1993, she began working as a Compliance Officer for the U.S. Department of Labor/Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP). During her 11 years of service at the OFCCP, Nicole worked on behalf […]

Murder in Schenley Heights

Follow This book chronicles intra-cultural (Black on-Black Crime) violence, the root causes of it and the role the Black Church should play as a possible cure. This book can also be used as a text book. It covers the homicides of four young men, Jason Griffin, Darin “Deedle” Dolby, Bernie Rogers and Jeron Xavier Grayson. […]

Born of Sin

Follow Born of Sin is a mainstream fiction novel set in Pittsburgh in the early 1980’s. The story follows a complex and layered African-American family dealing with the universal affects of betrayal, unrequited love, and redemption. Conceived out of wedlock and “born of sin,” Jacob (Jay Dee) Dewitt suffers deeply at the hands of his […]

Author Wants You to “Nurture Your Soul”

Follow Nurture Your Soul Includes Self-Care Action Steps in Each Chapter! by Theresa Cloud Eagle Nelson With 30+ years in the Holistic Industry and walking her talk, Theresa Cloud Eagle uses holistic techniques to teach and remind hospice professionals and entrepreneurs how to Re-Fresh, Re-Ignite and Re-charge to maximize life for success. However anyone can […]

Meet E.W. Brooks: Empowering, Educating and Enlightening

Follow E.W. Brooks is a published author, a business owner, and a filmmaker hailing from North Carolina. Married with one adorable son, E.W. Brooks is a trailblazer! She obtained her degree in Project Management from Ashford University and is a graduate of Fayetteville Technical Community College, where she studied Human Resources. E.W. is walking in […]

UK Author Gives Insights for Women Seeking Corporate Board Positions

Follow British author and entrepreneur Dr. Yvonne Thompson, CBE, whose book, 7 Traits of Highly Successful Women on Boards – views from the top and how to get there, is coined “the board woman’s bible,” will be in the Authors Pavilion when the Congressional Black Caucus holds its legislative proceedings next week. Dr. Thompson signs […]

Treasure My Heart By Altonya Washington

Follow California wine country, Miami sun, a rule about not mixing pleasure with business and an insane vendetta. Combine them and AlTonya Washington’s latest Harlequin Kimani release is ready for your reading pleasure. When Minka Gerald heads for Miami to represent her boss’s company, she is fixated on work and not much else. That is, […]