Worth the Climb

Follow   Raised by a grandmother who believed the only available professional jobs for Black American women in the 1960s were nursing and teaching, Audrey Snyder grew up feeling restricted in her own home. Audrey, however, had inherited the grit and determination of her Cherokee grandmother, who accomplished the impossible by traveling un-escorted over 1300 […]

Growing and Empowering Future Leaders

Follow Growing and Empowering Future Leaders By  Amicita Maloon-Gibson   Get the Tools to Help You Transition From Mid- Level Career Staff to an Executive Leader Result Driven Strategies to help you….. Embrace your “Personal passion and purpose” as a 21st Century Executive Leader Eject from the “Obstacles” that hold you back in your career, life […]

Daily Dose of Determination

Follow Daily Dose of Determination ~ A 90 Day Journey to Drive You toward Your Desired Outcome will help you get determined, dedicated and driven to accomplish your dreams and destiny. With determination, drive and desire there’s nothing that will be impossible for you! Come take this 90 day journey with us. It will truly […]