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Is Time on Your Side?

FollowShare I can’t think of too many things more valuable than time. We don’t own it. You can’t go back and get it; and boy does it move quickly. We can’t put it on layaway and it waits for no one. It is the one thing that we wish we had more of, but the […]

Your Job Search: You Better Tell Somebody

FollowShare Your career move should not be a secret. When you know that you are on your way out, whether voluntarily or against your will, it is a good idea to broadcast your intentions to everyone (except your current employer). You will be surprised to know how many of your friends, relatives, and colleagues have […]

Ready to Run

FollowShare The Pennsylvania Center for Women and Politics (PCWP) at Chatham University is a non–partisan center devoted to fostering women’s public leadership through education, empowerment, and action. The first to focus on women’s political involvement in Pennsylvania, the Center integrates disciplinary knowledge, civic education, and coalition building while examining the intersection of women and public […]

Are You Making Money?

FollowShare Are You Making Money? Being in business is one thing; staying in business is something else entirely. Staying in business will be determined by how much money you bring in, how much of that you actually get to keep, and how well you manage it. At the end of the day business is about […]

Women-to-Watch: Marty Stahl

FollowShare Marty Stahl, Director Volunteers of America of Pennsylvania – Working Order  Photo Credit: Stephen Barry, In-Vision Studio, Inc. Director and business coach for Volunteers of America of Pennsylvania’s Working Order Program, a small business incubator that provides coaching, training and business planning for individuals with disabilities and disadvantages and other obstacles to traditional employment.  Stahl’s experience as a […]

Women to Watch – Dr. Amicitia Maloon-Gibson

FollowShare Dr. Amicitia Maloon-Gibson President MaloonGibson and Associates (MGAA) Dr Gibson’s brand is her life story. She is the President of MaloonGibson and Associates (MGAA), a Professional Development Institute where “Growing and Empowering Future Leaders for Success Now,” is her passion & purpose. They develop strategies for mastering business, careers, life and relationships. She is […]

Word of the Day is, “Focus”

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Picking the Right Bank by JoAnn Forrester

FollowShare JoAnn R. Forrester, Empress of Biz, Re-invent in Rugged Times, Picking the Right Bank JoAnn R. Forrester   If your goal is to build a thriving business, sooner or later you will be going to the bank to establish a  professional relationship.  Picking the right bank or credit union is extremely important.  Often we […]

10 Ways to Save Money On Your Next Car Purchase

FollowShare 10 Ways to Save Money On Your Next Car Purchase By Car-Buy-Her Written By Sheronde Glover Buying a car can be an expensive undertaking, but there are some ways to save money when shopping for a car. 1. Rebates and Incentives – Look for manufacturer rebates and incentives and make sure you take advantage of them. Manufacturers often […]

Corporate Supplier Diversity: An Outdated Model?

FollowShare Corporate Supplier Diversity: An Outdated Model? By Jackie Hill African and Hispanic Americans are poised to add over a trillion dollars each year to the American marketplace, according to economists. This coupled with the rapid growth of minority businesses would seem to trigger a change in how corporations are acquiring the goods they eventually […]

Small Business Marketing

FollowShare Start Spreading the Word Unfortunately, some small business owners do not clearly understand the value of marketing.  Promoting your business should be one of your major investments.  Businesses succeed because of customers; you only increase your customers by promoting your products and services. You cannot run a business without letting people know, what you […]

The Organized Desk

FollowShare Author Janet M. Taylor           Do you know what information is on your desk? Do you have documents that should have been answered, hidden somewhere under a pile?  Generally, you’ll find yourself with a messy desk because you have no system in place.  Here are some tips to overcome the barrage […]

Ten Steps to Starting a Business

FollowShare Ten Steps to Starting a Business Starting a business involves planning, making key financial decisions and establish- ing as a legal entity. These 10 easy steps can help you plan, prepare and manage the process of starting your own business. Step 1: Business Plan Templates Use these tools and resources to create and write […]

Plan to Set Financial Goals

FollowShare                     Setting Financial Goals ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ 1. List 3 things that you need to do to get started on your quest to be debt free. _____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ 2. List 3 things that will encourage you to make changes in your spending habits. ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ […]