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Your Stylish Ways – Don’t You Just Love a Slingback?

FollowShare I absolutely love slingback shoes. They give the leg a slimming effect.  At one point in time you wouldn’t have thought about wearing a slingback in the winter, but now you can work your slingbacks throughout the year. I really like how they give your legs more length and your heel more room to breath. […]

Your Stylish Ways – Style is not a Price

FollowShare Recently, I watched a show where the women on the program constantly bragged about designer labels, upscale stores, and other pretentious purchases. As I watched, I couldn’t help but think about how often I’ve purchased some of those same designers brands at a fraction of the price. Granted, better quality clothing looks better and […]

Your Stylish Ways – Check us out on eBay

FollowShare Check out our eBay page. Your Stylish Ways     Elegant black slingback with bow. Get ’em on eBay before it’s too late 8.5 Gorgeous purple sling backs with fabulous bow 8.5                       FollowShare

Now You Can Buy Our Hats Online

FollowShare Don’t Get Caught in the Sun Without One!   Hot Chocolate Size: M/L Price: $16.95   Feather Girl Size: One Size Fits Most Price: $16.95   Spectator Size:  One Size Fits Most Price: $16.95   Man Style Size:  One Size Fits Most Price: $16.95   Classic Fedora Size:  One Size Fits Most Price: $16.95 […]