Justice in Colors: How Far Have We Come?

FollowShare The time is right to have the dialogue about the justice system and the minority community. Listen in to Ola Jackson and her guests as they come together to have a provocative conversation on the state of justice as it pertains to the minority community. African-American Attorney Rosemary Crawford, Esq. who is running for Allegheny […]

Hot Topics: What Do Women of Color Have to Say!

FollowShare Host Ola Jackson holds a candid conversation about issues facing women of color. Whether they are topics trending in the media, in business; or career and lifestyle matters. Listen in to the kickoff of our new show with Tara Sherry-Torres, founder of Cafe Con Leche. Cafe Con Leche connects the Pittsburgh Latino community, promotes Latino culture in […]

In The News: What’s Up with Women of Color !

FollowShare Black Women have been getting their fair share of coverage in the media over the last few months.   From fights on Reality TV, Sex Tapes, Marital Problems being hashed out in the public eye, to actress Lupita Nyong’o being named People’s Magazine most beautiful person of 2014. What about the controversy over Beyonce’s photo […]

Getting Out of Stuck: Removing the Barriers that Bound You!

FollowShare Are you finding yourself confused, always anxious and constantly feeling STUCK? Are you someone who is always starting something that you simply can never seem to finish? Or, are you the person who keeps asking, “Why is it that what I am doing just seems to never be working for me?” We have the […]

So You Want to Be An Author!

FollowShare It has been said that there is a writer in all of us. Could you have a book in you and you simply don’t know where to start, where to turn or where to finish what you have already started? Our guests will tell you what inspired them to write their books, how they  stayed […]

Is Your Business Certified?

FollowShare Online Women Radio at Blog Talk Radio with Onyx Woman Magazine on BlogTalkRadio Are you losing business opportunities and possibly revenues simply because you are not certified to do business with the government or other larger institutions? Do you have any idea what being certified really means? Are you aware of the many products and services […]

Determined & Dedicated to Reach Your Goals

FollowShare New Women Podcasts with NEW Network Radio on BlogTalkRadio Meet the author of the Daily Dose Series, Melanie Bonita, as she shares a 90-Day Journey to Drive You toward Your Desired Outcome.  Do you need help getting determined, dedicated and driven to achieve your dreams and destiny? With determination, drive and desire there is nothing that will be […]

How Do You create Financial Stability in an Unstable World?

FollowShare   How do you create financial stability in an unstable world? That’s a question host Ola Jackson will ask Kimberly Palmer author of, “The Economy of You: Discover Your Inner Entrepreneur and Recession-Proof Your Life,” and senior money editor for U.S. News & World Report, where she writes the popular Alpha Consumer blog. Palmer illuminates the everyday faces behind this growing […]

The Economy of You!

FollowShare Kim Palmer Senior Money Editor for U.S. News & World Report       That’s one of the questions we will ask Kim Palmer author of the new book, “The Economy of You: Discover Your Inner Entrepreneur and Recession-Proof Your Life.” Kim is senior money editor for U.S. News & World Report, where she writes the popular Alpha Consumer blog. In addition, […]

Steps To A Great Life in 2014 & Beyond!

FollowShare Are you PLANNING A GREAT LIFE in 2014 & BEYOND? Listen in as Ola Jackson and our guest, life coach Angela Pride, shares practical ways to create an impactful life. Discover Lifestyle Internet Radio with Onyx Woman Magazine on BlogTalkRadio Angela Pride, founder of Coach with Pride is recognized for her ability to meet her clients where they are; […]

Direct Male: Single Black Women’s Net Worth $5 – What is the Plan?

FollowShare Women of all races bring home less income and own fewer assets, on average, than men of the same race, but for single black women the disparities are so overwhelmingly great that even in their prime working years thei rmedian wealth amounts to only $5. A leading economic research group, social scientists turned a spotlight on […]

Uniting Caregivers

FollowShare New Health Internet Radio with Onyx Woman Magazine on BlogTalkRadio Are you a caregiver? Do you feel overwhelmed?  Listen in  as we discuss the issues facing people who have the challenges of caring for a loved one. FollowShare

Direct Male – “Male Perspectives on Healthy Relationships”

FollowShare New Lifestyle Podcasts with Onyx Woman Magazine on BlogTalkRadio Onyx Women Magazine On The Air has a new segment! Beginning Monday, November 25th we will air a monthly segment called Direct Male. Women often ask, “What do men think about fill in the blank?” We’ve wondered ourselves, but no more. During Direct Male, we will ask the opinions […]

Should Women Lean-In or Step-back?

FollowShare Online Lifestyle Radio at Blog Talk Radio with Onyx Woman Magazine on BlogTalkRadio     We all have heard the buzz – Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook and author of Lean In:  Women, Work and the Will to Lead, admonishes women to believe in yourself, give it your all, “lean in” and “don’t leave before you leave” […]