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Janet M Taylor

Written by Janet M. Taylor

Is your purse, wallet, tote, or briefcase full of papers and other items? Are you embarrassed to let anyone see insideoriginal (11) your bag and frustrated because you can’t find what you are looking for? If you answered yes, then it is time to “Organize YourPurse”.

Sometimes we feel that we must keep everything close by and, therefore, our purse, bags, totes and life become filled with clutter. So in undertaking this project, decide to let go and know that old habits must change. Remember it is ok to let go especially when our bags have become so heavy that they cause stress and strain on our bodies. So find a clear space, dump all the contents in the bag or purse and get started. Remember to only do one bag at a time.

Start Sorting Items In The Bag

1 Things that can be trashed (expired coupons)

2 Things that can be filed (bills that have been paid)

3 Things that require an action (receipts needed to complete business or personal expense reports)

4 Things that don’t belong, I once saw a stuffed animal in a client’s tote bag. To make matters worse, this client even gave the stuffed animal a name.

Organizing Your Tote/Briefcase

5 Try and use only one tote bag. When you use a different tote each time you leave the house you are not aware of how much clutter you have accumulated until one day you look in your corner and see several bags full of papers, books, food, etc.

6 Clean out your bag nightly. When returning, home remove all receipts and files from your bag and file them in the appropriate place.

7 Make any notations in your organizer, Palm, Smart Phone to eliminate scraps of papers.

8 Pack your bag for the next day, so you will not forget anything.
Organizing Your Purse

9 Use one wallet and cosmetic bag that is transferred to each handbag. Make sure each purse you use has the following: pen, tissues, business cards, that way the only items you will have to transfer to your purse are the wallet and cosmetic bag.
Organizing Your Wallet

10 Only carry credit and debit cards when needed.

11 Eliminate carrying a lot of change in your purse. Try and have a dollar in change unless you need more for the meters/tolls.

Janet M. Taylor is a life strategist, professional organizer, speaker and author with over 20 years of experience helping people get organized. If you are ready to get your life totally organized visit her website at


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