Other People’s Money: Funding Through Sponsorships

So, what is one of the biggest problems that some business owners have in growing their ventures? Money!

Studies have shown that minority business owners have the hardest time dealing with the challenges of bringing their ideas to fruition due to lack of access to capital and other streams of income. Lack of financial resources can result in business failure or a project’s demise.

Early in my 26 years as a business owners, I’ve learned the value and necessity of other people’s money.  I was able to obtain corporate funding for events and projects. I know the advantages and value of having corporations fund my ventures.

Too often business owners and heads of organizations lack the necessary skills and knowledge of what it takes to reach the right people who make the right decisions about funding. Because of this, I created a workshop that gives you the competitive edge in funding your dreams. After my first small Funding Through Sponsorship workshop, I was contacted by participants to inform me that they had gotten their very first sponsorship dollars.


You will learn:

  • How to clearly explain what you want sponsored
  • How to create a sales letter
  • How to identify corporations that may be prospects for your funding needs.
  • How to offer what sponsors want
  • How to prepare for “The Pitch”
  • You received sponsorship: Now What!

So What Do Past Participants Have to Say?:

Received Money Because of the Class

“I attended the workshop and I found it very useful. The very next week I started seeking businesses to sponsor my event and I was able to identify what organizations would provide money for my upcoming event for the WAVE Program. Not thinking about the sponsors anymore. Yesterday in my mailbox was a check from Walmart for $500.00. I was so grateful. Because of the letter and the class.”

Charlise Smith, Founder, WAVE


Well Worth the Investment

“Finding Funding Workshop hosted by Onyx Woman Magazine gave me the opportunity to stop and take action to learn more about funding through sponsorships. I was able to glean from the workshop an outline for creating a strong sponsorship letter, identifying prospects, the all-important “Pitch” that should be used to get the attention of sponsors and much more. Ola’s candid delivery made this more than just a workshop but an experience from the vantage point of an expert. Well worth the investment, indeed!

Dr. Renee Galloway

Entrepreneur, Author and Coach





In Person Workshop:

When: Saturday, October  28, 2017

Where: Hosanna House

807 Wallace Avenue in Wilkinsburg

Time: 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.

The workshop’s total time is 2 hours;  includes a 1 hour follow-up conference call 3 weeks later.

Price: $80.00

Purchase Here

Please bring your laptop or iPad.

Contact information:


(412) 731-5159


Disclaimer: We do not in any way guarantee that you will get money from sponsors. The workshops will simply provide you with the techniques that I have used to obtain funding from major corporations for my events and projects.

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