Plan to Set Financial Goals for 2019

Follow                   Setting Financial Goals ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ 1. List 3 things that you need to do to get started on your quest to be debt free. _____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ 2. List 3 things that will encourage you to make changes in your spending habits. ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ […]

Word of the week: Confidence

Follow Word of the week is “Confidence” Enter into a situation as if  you are certain of the outcome, and know that whatever happens, it may have been either meant to “be” or simply a “learning experience” that takes you closer to your goal. Whichever it is…make it a positive experience in your favor.” Don’t […]

Ola’s Getting All Brand “NEW”

Follow   I’m not wasting any time waiting for the new year to make resolutions. For a healthy life you need a healthy lifestyle. There are no secrets. The same rules apply to anything you want to accomplish. You just do it. You hang in there and stay focused. You make a plan, assess your progress […]

It’s all in Your Mind

Follow  It is almost the end of the year, and soon, some of you will be preparing  to resolve to change your life in one way or another. Don’t  return to the same bad habits that got you to the point of desiring change in the first place. I discovered years ago that the answer […]

Packaged for Success: Your Public Relations Strategy

Follow By Ola Jackson Public relations is a very important tool in growing your business. I recom- mend that everyone who is self- employed take a Public Relations’ course. I receive marketing packages on a daily basis. Seventy percent never make it to my desk. Unfortunately, many of the promotion- al materials are thrown together […]

Step out of the Shoebox: Simple Tips to Organize Your Receipts

Follow Step out of the Shoebox: Simple Tips to Organize Your Receipts by Peggy Duncan When I started my business 14 years ago, as part of the Accounting section of my filing system, I had a folder for each vendor I paid regularly (e.g., gas, light, office supplies). When I found myself sticking receipts in […]

Color Me Bright for Fall!

Follow This month we will be focusing on Health, Style and Beauty. No, we did not say, “Fashion.” Fashion comes and goes, but “Style” is traditional, sensible, has longevity, and is usually classic. You can save cash on the classics, you can lose funds trying to keep up with the fashions. Fashions are fun and […]

March is Women’s History and Credit Education Month

Follow March is Women’s History and Credit Education Month. Why not combine the two to re-direct or confirm your Her-story is on track? To improve your credit, follow these steps:  Check your credit report for free at Create your Spending Plan (formerly known as a Budget). You must have income that covers your essentials. Determine […]