Corretta Doctor: On a Crusade to Educate on the Prevention of Suicide and Mental Health Awareness as a 2018 Woman to Watch

FollowShare There are those of us who are born to succeed, ingrained with a can-do attitude and a fierce determination to make it no matter how difficult the odds. To someone on the outside looking in, this person always has it together; they exude joy and confidence with a comfortable lifestyle and pleasant demeanor, ensuring their […]

Justice in Colors: How Far Have We Come?

FollowShare The time is right to have the dialogue about the justice system and the minority community. Listen in to Ola Jackson and her guests as they come together to have a provocative conversation on the state of justice as it pertains to the minority community. African-American Attorney Rosemary Crawford, Esq. who is running for Allegheny […]

Strengthening Black Families

FollowShare POISE realizes the importance of new and transformative approaches to impact community change. Compelling data points suggest the need to shift our focus from the alleviation of symptomatic problems to the achievement of strong families and community sustainability. Strengthening Black Families is the Foundation’s new grant making strategy to re-assert Black families as a […]