Let’s Get Real About Entrepreneurship

FollowShare Let’s Get Real about Entrepreneurship Let’s face it… the corporate world has changed as we know it. Employees have become an expense that some employers often seek to decrease or outright eliminate. A few years ago as I was waiting for my plane to take off, instead of witnessing the traditional airline stewardess explaining the […]

Word of the week: Confidence

FollowShare Word of the week is “Confidence” Enter into a situation as if  you are certain of the outcome, and know that whatever happens, it may have been either meant to “be” or simply a “learning experience” that takes you closer to your goal. Whichever it is…make it a positive experience in your favor.” Don’t […]

Bounce Back from Failure

FollowShare Plan Now to Bounce Back from Failure By Contributor, Tamar Cerafici, Esq. Consultant and Lawyer   The very nature of running your own business requires you to fail. Why? Because you have to run risks. When you risk you have a 50/50 chance of failing. Actually, when you run your own business you can […]