Mommy’s Guide To Living An Organized Life

Follow   Written by Janet M. Taylor Years ago I came across an article that listed the Rules and Regulations to join the Burnout Club ( I wish I knew who to give credit to for this great list) but after endless searches on the internet I want to say Thank you because that was […]

Get Back On Track

Follow Don’t wait too long before you pick up where you left off, or you may never regain the momentum you need to continue on your journey. No problem if you had some obstacles or setbacks or you were just plain confused about which way to turn. Just know that you must get up and […]

Focus on Your Priorities

Follow Distractions, distractions! Distractions can become one of your greatest barriers. You don’t want to invite self-imposed obstacles, nor those obstacles that other people tend to put in our way. Be ready and willing to say, “No” to anything that isn’t bringing you closer to your goals. This year you may want to narrow your […]

There are No Secrets

Follow We spend so much time looking outward for answers that we neglect to look within ourselves for those solutions.  We need to be still, be quiet and be open to the possibilities that lie within us. Try listening to your heart, to your soul, to you inner voice. Take the time to meditate, be […]

Take a Break-cation

Follow It’s not a vacation or staycation, simply your commitment to yourself to mentally escape from the worries of the day. Remove yourself from the stress and the worries that have been overwhelming you.  Avoid the distractions and the people who attribute to you losing your focus. Don’t answer the phone, don’t return phone calls, […]

There are No Secrets

Follow Either you got “It” or you don’t During a recent visit to a local restaurant, I noticed that the owner had dropped a substantial amount of weight. I tapped her on the shoulder and asked, “What’s your secret?” Her response should have been heard around the world. “There are no secrets,” she replied, “just […]

Determined & Dedicated to Reach Your Goals

Follow New Women Podcasts with NEW Network Radio on BlogTalkRadio Meet the author of the Daily Dose Series, Melanie Bonita, as she shares a 90-Day Journey to Drive You toward Your Desired Outcome.  Do you need help getting determined, dedicated and driven to achieve your dreams and destiny? With determination, drive and desire there is nothing that will be […]