The Grey Haired Job Seeker: Over 50 and Looking for Work

Follow Don’t be discouraged, there is  still hope if you are a fabulous, female over 50 and seeking employment.  There are industries that value the experience, the work ethics and drive that a woman of a certain age  brings to the world of employment. Seek out employment agencies and even part-time and temporary employment. There […]

Go Get That Job, Girl!

Follow Are you going through a career block and not sure of exactly what you “Really” want to do with your life? Have you tried, “Job Shadowing?” Before you make the leap into unfamiliar territory, do your homework. Is there a person that you have your eye on; someone that you admire…that someone who sparks your […]

Photo Shoot for the 25th Anniversary Edition of Onyx Woman Magazine

Follow Day one of the production of the 25th Anniversary edition of Onyx Woman magazine. Three days of photo fun with some dynamic women, awesome make-up artist Tammy Scott, and great photographer Leah Johns. We have pulled together 25 women who will be a part of our print celebration. We are celebrating the accomplishments of […]

Having it All, Really!

Follow Last week a young lady told me that her job was to teach women how to have it “All.”  My immediate response was, “Are you serious?” Of course she was quite young. She will learn the realities of having it all as she gets older. I have interviewed many women over the years and […]

Where Would You Be If Only You Stayed Focused!

Follow   One of the biggest problems that I see in people not getting to where they want to be is their inability to stay on track.  Too many people jump around initiating new ideas without even completing what they originally started. Just think where you would be if you would have started that business you […]

Wendy Nguyen is a Driving Force in the Accounting Industry

Follow (HOUSTON, TEXAS ) McConnell & Jones LLP, one of Houston’s largest CPA firms, is proud to announce the promotion of Wendy Nguyen to Partner in the firm’s Assurance Practice. In her new role, Nguyen will lead the firm’s SEC and commercial assurance services group that work with a wide array of privately-held and publicly-traded […]

Your Job Search: You Better Tell Somebody

Follow Your career move should not be a secret. When you know that you are on your way out, whether voluntarily or against your will, it is a good idea to broadcast your intentions to everyone (except your current employer). You will be surprised to know how many of your friends, relatives, and colleagues have […]

The Organized Desk

Follow Author Janet M. Taylor           Do you know what information is on your desk? Do you have documents that should have been answered, hidden somewhere under a pile?  Generally, you’ll find yourself with a messy desk because you have no system in place.  Here are some tips to overcome the barrage […]