Is Your Networking?

Follow Is Your Net Working? By Ola R. Jackson   With all the networking seminars, summits, workshops and conferences being held throughout the country, I still find myself asking if some people really understand what networking is all about. I believe that networking is about formulating mutual relationships, not getting into a relationship simply to […]

Felicia Savage Friedman: On a Mission to Heal as a 2018 Women to Watch

Follow Incidences of trauma are making daily headlines in our country. Many inhumane occurrences, whether it is mass shootings, domestic violence, sexual assault and its response to the #Me-Too movement, the loss of a young life due to gun violence, and the traumatic impacts of racism are bringing trauma and trauma healing to the forefront […]

Home Sweet Home-Simple Home Organizing Solutions

Follow Written By Janet M Taylor When we think of home improvement some of the things that come to our mind is the cost, the contractors and the length of the project.  I have 15 simple solutions that will help you organize your home without the cost of contractors and can be done in a […]

Multi- tasking: Wrap it Up!

Follow Use the first week of the month to wrap up loose ends. Finish all tasks that you put off last month. The end of the year will be here before you know it and you don’t want to have unfinished business impacting your bottom line. If you don’t use a to-do list, start one. […]

Are You a Business Coach?

Follow Advertise your coaching business on our website. Whether you are building your coaching business or soaring to the next level, we have a marketing opportunity for you. The success of your coaching business is determined by a successful marketing strategy with an emphasis on reaching your target audience. Your advertisement on NEW will link to […]

7 Signs of Change

Follow   1. You don’t do the same things you used to do 2. You think differently than you used to 3. You act differently than you used to 4. You feel differently than you used to 5.  You let go of things that you used to hold on to 6. You see positive changes that are […]

Evolve in 2015 – Start with a Clean Slate!

Follow Every year around this time, the claims to make changes, move on and do better becomes an epidemic . People swear to leave the old year behind and start anew. By the end of January, you will find your exercise shoes collecting dust. Your financial commitments get dropped and promises to leave bad habits […]

Growing and Empowering Future Leaders

Follow Growing and Empowering Future Leaders By  Amicita Maloon-Gibson   Get the Tools to Help You Transition From Mid- Level Career Staff to an Executive Leader Result Driven Strategies to help you….. Embrace your “Personal passion and purpose” as a 21st Century Executive Leader Eject from the “Obstacles” that hold you back in your career, life […]

Word of the Day is, “Focus”

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Step out of the Shoebox: Simple Tips to Organize Your Receipts

Follow Step out of the Shoebox: Simple Tips to Organize Your Receipts by Peggy Duncan When I started my business 14 years ago, as part of the Accounting section of my filing system, I had a folder for each vendor I paid regularly (e.g., gas, light, office supplies). When I found myself sticking receipts in […]