Pittsburgh’s Top 25 Women: Tamiko Stanley is a Great Inspiration

FollowShare Tamiko Stanley Senior Executive Manager, Corporate Human Resources US & Canada FedEx, Genco 20 Years in Business and Human Resources 16 Years working with Affirmative-Action/ EEO and Diversity and Inclusion OW: What has been your greatest inspiration? TS: I find inspiration to succeed in so many things. I am inspired by making loved ones […]

How I Learned Blindness Is Not Black Or White

FollowShare By:   Stephanae McCoy It was a little over 48 years ago when I put on my first pair of eyeglasses and the feeling of seeing clearly for the first time was indescribable. The transition was like leaving a dark movie theatre and stepping outdoors on a bright sunny day. My eyes needed time […]

Join the Accountability Partnership

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Make Your Move – Live Your Life to the Fullest

FollowShare Are you living your life to the fullest? There is more to life than just going to work and paying bills. Life is meant to be enjoyed and appreciated. Don’t let your life own you. Own your life. Find out what matters and only dance to the beat of your own drum. Don’t give away […]

Hey Lady, Move That Mountain!

FollowShare   Sometimes no matter how hard you try, it seems like something is standing in the way of success. You can prepare and put as much as you can in place but unexpected obstacles manage to slow down the process in ways that make every goal seem harder to reach. Overcoming Obstacles is our theme for […]

Take Time Out!

FollowShare I had a 12-hour day. You know the type of day when you leave before the sun comes out and don’t return until well after sunset? I left my work life and personal responsibilities to be of service to the community and fulfill my personal commitment to give back. The end of the day […]

What Would You Do if Something Wasn’t Holding You Back?

FollowShare   Excuses… excuses, they come in handy. Excuses are a safeguard to protect us from the truth about why we are not doing what we want to do, or what we need to do. Let’s say no barriers are blocking you from accomplishing your dreams and living life to the fullest. Now, how does your […]

NEED: Workforce Diversity Internship Fair

FollowShare NEED’s 10th Annual Workforce Diversity Internship Fair NEED’s vision is to unlock the power of education by helping youth meet their highest potential and enhance their quality of life, thereby strengthening the Pittsburgh regional economy. As a college access program designed to unlock the power of education from the barriers that young underserved students […]

You Can Start Over Again!

FollowShare Who hasn’t gotten to a certain age and began to wonder if  it was too late to move to the next chapter, or should you just turn the page and close the book? It is simply never too late.  You shouldn’t allow age to be a deterrent in fulfilling your dreams. This may just be […]

Question of the Week – November 11, 2014

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The GOALS Conference

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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

FollowShare No woman is an island. Yes, you can start a business by yourself, but trying to grow one won’t be easy if you don’t have the right people to delegate some of your task to.  People are beginning to question the importance of multi-tasking. You may feel like the Jill of all trades, but […]

Women to Watch – Dr. Amicitia Maloon-Gibson

FollowShare Dr. Amicitia Maloon-Gibson President MaloonGibson and Associates (MGAA) Dr Gibson’s brand is her life story. She is the President of MaloonGibson and Associates (MGAA), a Professional Development Institute where “Growing and Empowering Future Leaders for Success Now,” is her passion & purpose. They develop strategies for mastering business, careers, life and relationships. She is […]

Steps To A Great Life in 2014 & Beyond!

FollowShare Are you PLANNING A GREAT LIFE in 2014 & BEYOND? Listen in as Ola Jackson and our guest, life coach Angela Pride, shares practical ways to create an impactful life. Discover Lifestyle Internet Radio with Onyx Woman Magazine on BlogTalkRadio Angela Pride, founder of Coach with Pride is recognized for her ability to meet her clients where they are; […]