Shakelah Knox Shares the Secret of Her Sweet Success

FollowShare   Shakelah Knox Keep It Sweet by Shakelah llc. K.I.S.S. Tell us about your business? Keep It Sweet by Shakelah LLC also known as K.I.S.S. is a confectionery company that specializes in all things sweet. We craft themed and gourmet desserts to fit any event, special occasion or decor. In addition, K.I.S.S. holds Sweet Craft Classes where we teach children and […]

Let’s Get Real About Entrepreneurship

FollowShare Let’s Get Real about Entrepreneurship Let’s face it… the corporate world has changed as we know it. Employees have become an expense that some employers often seek to decrease or outright eliminate. A few years ago as I was waiting for my plane to take off, instead of witnessing the traditional airline stewardess explaining the […]

Pittsburgh’s Top 25 Women: Tamiko Stanley is a Great Inspiration

FollowShare Tamiko Stanley Senior Executive Manager, Corporate Human Resources US & Canada FedEx, Genco 20 Years in Business and Human Resources 16 Years working with Affirmative-Action/ EEO and Diversity and Inclusion OW: What has been your greatest inspiration? TS: I find inspiration to succeed in so many things. I am inspired by making loved ones […]

Brenda Tate: A Woman Living Her Purpose

FollowShare Brenda Tate Retired PPD Detective PA State Democratic Committee 40 Years in Law Enforcement OW: What has been your greatest inspiration? BT: Witnessing an African American family ascend to the highest o ce in the Free World. OW: When did you first become aware of your purpose? BT: Thirty years ago when I overcame […]

Having it All, Really!

FollowShare Last week a young lady told me that her job was to teach women how to have it “All.”  My immediate response was, “Are you serious?” Of course she was quite young. She will learn the realities of having it all as she gets older. I have interviewed many women over the years and […]

7 Signs of Change

FollowShare   1. You don’t do the same things you used to do 2. You think differently than you used to 3. You act differently than you used to 4. You feel differently than you used to 5.  You let go of things that you used to hold on to 6. You see positive changes that are […]

UK Author Gives Insights for Women Seeking Corporate Board Positions

FollowShare British author and entrepreneur Dr. Yvonne Thompson, CBE, whose book, 7 Traits of Highly Successful Women on Boards – views from the top and how to get there, is coined “the board woman’s bible,” will be in the Authors Pavilion when the Congressional Black Caucus holds its legislative proceedings next week. Dr. Thompson signs […]

Surround Yourself with the Right People

FollowShare As Goal Ambassadors, our goal is to help you get closer to your goals. One easy way to get on the path to fulfilling your dreams is to align yourself with people who have high expectations. Find people who will challenge you and encourage you to do better. Don’t take constructive criticism as negativity: […]

Melinda Glover and Julie Latham talk Sisterhood

FollowShare On any given day, patrons at the Wendy’s Restaurant on Baum Boulevard in the Shadyside area of Pittsburgh think that they are seeing double. Sisters Melinda Smalls Glover and Julie Latham tirelessly remind people that they are individuals. “People always think we are twins, but we are twins that aren’t twins,” they joke. Growing […]

Retirement: What does it mean to you?

FollowShare Former Police Officer and Detective, Brenda Tate retired from a 40-year career with the City of Pittsburgh Police Department.   This is one woman who is not  stepping away from work with a gold watch and a retirement plan. Over 100 people gathered on June 1st  at the Marriott Hotel for Brenda’s farewell party. At […]

Dr. Katherine Kimes – Dedicated to Helping Those with Brain Injury

FollowShare The leading killer of our children.  A brain injury occurs every 20 seconds; 1.7 million Americans sustain a brain injury annually, while there is an estimated 5.8 million living with the debilitating effects of injury. Therefore, it is important to disseminate knowledge in the area of brain injury. Brain injury does not discriminate. Brain […]

Growing and Empowering Future Leaders

FollowShare Growing and Empowering Future Leaders By  Amicita Maloon-Gibson   Get the Tools to Help You Transition From Mid- Level Career Staff to an Executive Leader Result Driven Strategies to help you….. Embrace your “Personal passion and purpose” as a 21st Century Executive Leader Eject from the “Obstacles” that hold you back in your career, life […]

Women to Watch – Dr. Amicitia Maloon-Gibson

FollowShare Dr. Amicitia Maloon-Gibson President MaloonGibson and Associates (MGAA) Dr Gibson’s brand is her life story. She is the President of MaloonGibson and Associates (MGAA), a Professional Development Institute where “Growing and Empowering Future Leaders for Success Now,” is her passion & purpose. They develop strategies for mastering business, careers, life and relationships. She is […]

Global Women – African-American & S. African Women Come Together

FollowShare Destinations By Ola Jackson     It started out as a vision that was to expand across the sea to the motherland. Visionary African-American entrepreneur Lisa Harper and South African businesswoman Nthabi Ledwaba came together to launch a dream that would unite women business leaders from both sides of the Atlantic.  Lisa gathered a […]