Thank You to the Sponsors of the At My Age Conference

FollowShare We would like to thank those who made the At My Age Conference a success. PNC Bank   Pittsburgh Port Authority of Allegheny County Moriarty Consultants Home Healthcare SD Transit The New Pittsburgh Courier Eclips Hair and Nail Salon (Check them out on Facebook) Flowers in the Attic […]

Cameil D. Williams Shares her Greatest Inspiration

FollowShare Cameil D. Williams President, Williams Management Solutions, LLC Program Manager, Diverse and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Port Authority of Allegheny County 23 Years in the Industry OW: What has been your greatest inspiration? CW: Becoming a mom of two daughters for me underscored the importance of the cliché “It’s better to be rather than to […]

Ashley Jarrett Health Boutique

FollowShare   Contact Ashley at: Ashley Jarrett Ashley’s Healthy Boutique Independent Business Owner 412-245-8659 FollowShare

Are You a Business Coach?

FollowShare Advertise your coaching business on our website. Whether you are building your coaching business or soaring to the next level, we have a marketing opportunity for you. The success of your coaching business is determined by a successful marketing strategy with an emphasis on reaching your target audience. Your advertisement on NEW will link to […]

Let’s Get Real about Entrepreneurship

FollowShare Let’s face it… the corporate world has changed as we know it. Employees have become an expense that some employers often seek to decrease or outright eliminate. A few years ago as I was waiting for my plane to take off, instead of witnessing the traditional airline stewardess explaining the evacuation plans, out from […]

Financially Savvy : Say “No” to Financial Incarceration

FollowShare Turn on the television at any given time and you will witness a barrage of messages aimed at women that focus more on our physical appearance than our economic well-being or overall quality of life. The message to women is more about spending than it is about saving. The message to women is more […]

Onyx Woman for the Holidays

FollowShare Post your holiday gift items in our special annual eBlast celebrating our support of women in business. Time to promote your products, services or holiday events in our Onyx Woman for the Holidays eBlast. Your advertisement will be included in our eBlast and link to your website. Call to place your advertisement today. Contact […]

Stop Saying, “I’m Too Old”

FollowShare Over the past few months I have heard women talk about the dreams they want to fulfill only to convince themselves that it is too late to pursue something new. You heard the saying, “If you think you can, then you can. If you think you can’t, then you can’t.”  If not now, then […]

The Power of an Opportunity

FollowShare Opportunities are not like buses, another one doesn’t  just come around again when you miss one. Nor can you put them on layaway and ask somebody to keep it on hold while you wait to decide, or alter them to fit your needs and your timeframe. So why do people let them pass by? […]

Wanted: Support for Women-Owned Businesses

FollowShare   I can tell you from experience that it is a challenge trying to run a business by yourself. Having a support system is helpful, and mentoring is crucial to your development. Even silent mentors can play a role in you reaching your dreams by sharing their experiences and expertise. Don’t spread yourselves too thin by […]

Is Time on Your Side?

FollowShare I can’t think of too many things more valuable than time. We don’t own it. You can’t go back and get it; and boy does it move quickly. We can’t put it on layaway and it waits for no one. It is the one thing that we wish we had more of, but the […]

Packaged for Success: Your Public Relations Strategy

FollowShare By Ola Jackson Public relations is a very important tool in growing your business. I recom- mend that everyone who is self- employed take a Public Relations’ course. I receive marketing packages on a daily basis. Seventy percent never make it to my desk. Unfortunately, many of the promotion- al materials are thrown together […]