Financially Savvy : Say “No” to Financial Incarceration

FollowShare Turn on the television at any given time and you will witness a barrage of messages aimed at women that focus more on our physical appearance than our economic well-being or overall quality of life. The message to women is more about spending than it is about saving. The message to women is more […]

In The News: What’s Up with Women of Color !

FollowShare Black Women have been getting their fair share of coverage in the media over the last few months.   From fights on Reality TV, Sex Tapes, Marital Problems being hashed out in the public eye, to actress Lupita Nyong’o being named People’s Magazine most beautiful person of 2014. What about the controversy over Beyonce’s photo […]

Wanted: Support for Women-Owned Businesses

FollowShare   I can tell you from experience that it is a challenge trying to run a business by yourself. Having a support system is helpful, and mentoring is crucial to your development. Even silent mentors can play a role in you reaching your dreams by sharing their experiences and expertise. Don’t spread yourselves too thin by […]

YSW-Your Stylish Ways

FollowShare In high school I became hooked on fashion magazines which lead to my interest in the possibility of being a department store buyer. I spent a couple of years going to business school for retail before heading off to college. During those years I spent some time working in department stores.  I also  learned […]