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Color Me Naturally for Holiday Festivities

Follow You can have my relaxer. I don’t ever want it back. But, my hair dye is a keeper. Nothing makes a style pop like some highlights. I love hair color. I have been experimenting for the last decade; especially after I went natural. I have opted for a natural hair color product that I […]

Your Stylish Ways: Instagram Page – Because Your Style Matters

Follow Check out our Your Stylish Ways Instagram page. The page highlights items that we have purchased at discounted prices; yet they look fabulous, and the quality is just as good as the original retail purchase. Just because you paid less doesn’t mean that you are getting less quality; especially when you shop consignment stores, […]

Your Stylish Ways – Style is not a Price

Follow Recently, I watched a show where the women on the program constantly bragged about designer labels, upscale stores, and other pretentious purchases. As I watched, I couldn’t help but think about how often I’ve purchased some of those same designers brands at a fraction of the price. Granted, better quality clothing looks better and […]

YSW: Your Stylish Ways – My Best Bargains

Follow I love sharing great finds from consignment stores. Just because you paid less, doesn’t mean that you have sacrificed on quality. Some people say, “you get what you paid for”; but if you shop smarter, not harder, you get a whole lot more than what you paid for. I was hosting a vending table […]