The Grey Haired Job Seeker: Over 50 and Looking for Work

Don’t be discouraged, there is  still hope if you are a fabulous, female over 50 and seeking employment.  There are industries that value the experience, the work ethics and drive that a woman of a certain age  brings to the world of employment.

Seek out employment agencies and even part-time and temporary employment. There is a strong possibility that you may have to take a sizable pay cut.

You may want to consider turning your years of experience into a consulting or coaching opportunity. A part-time job and a part-time business may be just the prescription you need to bring both money and fulfillment to your life; while allowing you to pay bills and the time to focus on your personal desires and goals.

Fifty today is not the same as 50 was years ago. You still look good, you have more energy and you have more resources.  Check out the link below to learn more about finding employment and fulfillment after 50.

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