The Power of an Opportunity

When was the last time you turned down an opportunity?

When was the last time you turned down an opportunity?

Opportunities are not like buses, another one doesn’t  just come around again when you miss one. Nor can you put them on layaway and ask somebody to keep it on hold while you wait to decide, or alter them to fit your needs and your timeframe. So why do people let them pass by? My answer: because they think they can.

Whether it is a career opportunity, a business opportunity or a personal opportunity to fulfill a goal or a desire to move you in the right direction, you need the opportunity to make that happen. Most of us live to have access to an opportunity that we have been preparing most of lives to have.

It is the opportunity that can turn our dreams in to reality or at least take us closer to them. Every opportunity isn’t always a good opportunity, but it is up to us to discern how to identify a good one when we see it. Even taking advantage of what may turn out to be a bad experience as a result can turnout to be a learning experience.

ACTION PLAN: Think twice before you let an offer, or an opportunity slip through your fingers. Many opportunities have a dollar value associated with them; turning them down is like turning down money, and who could really afford to do that?

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