This Holiday Season: Reach Out to Friends You Haven’t Seen in a While

It was about a decade ago that a dear friend had called me leaving a message for me to call her back. She left some humorous remarks on my voicemail that had me laughing out loud as I listened, afterwards telling myself that I would get back to her next week. My friend (I will call her BK) wasn’t doing very well and I hadn’t seen her since I visited her in the hospital about a couple weeks prior to her call. I knew our time on the phone would require me to set aside some quality hours to really catch up.

I really enjoyed her company. We met back in business school in the late 70’s, she was so likable, fun and very easy to get a long with back then and she never changed. We met up again about a few years later, and she became one of my closest confidants. She was so nice, so real and genuinely authentic.

About a day before I was to call her back, I had a message left on my voicemail from her sister. “Why is she calling me?” was my first response. When I called back, she shared with me that BK had passed away.

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