Boom by Cindy Joseph: A skincare and makeup line especially for women of a certain age

Cindy Joseph created a skincare and makeup line especially for women of a certain age. I’m still using the skincare products, so I will let you know the outcome. What I can tell you is that I love BOOM color sticks! First of all, I never thought that I would ever use a cream blush again.  I […]

Your Friend’s Closet

We  created our Your Stylish Ways segments to help demonstrate how you could save money without sacrificing style and quality. We visit consignment shops, vintage stores and other retail outlets selecting stylish items that are versatile, functional and cost effective. In this video we do what any one of you can do, and that’s, visit […]

Natural Basic Skincare Products

When caring for your skin, keep it clean, keep it natural, most of all…keep it simple. No need to spend a lot of money on products that make a lot of claims and adorn their packaging in a fancy bottle promoted by an expensive model.  The products shown in this video are natural, very inexpensive and […]

Hair, The Natural Way!

Guests: Missie Shealey and Tamara Whiting talk about their transformation to natural hair and how their new look was received by family, friends, other women and MEN.