Welcome to the First of our Summer Business Series: Pricing

So what is the price of success? You have to do your research to determine what is the most appropriate price that you need to charge to not only be competitive, but to make a profit. Consider how much it cost you to bring your product from the manufacturer to your consumer. That process is […]

Black Women: Stress, Depression and Mental Health in the Workplace

Corretta Doctor, will be one of the guest speakers for the Onyx Woman Women’s Wellness Forum on Saturday, May 5, 2018 at the Hosanna House in Wilkinsburg. There are those of us who are born to succeed, ingrained with a can-do attitude and a fierce determination to make it no matter how difficult the odds. To […]

HomeGirl CEO

We are planning a HomeGirl CEO Meet-up for Sunday, October 1, 2017 at the Cabaret Hall and Event Facility. This is simply a get-together; make new friends, re-connect with old associates and build business relationships. Let our hair down, tell some jokes, find some resources and just let loose. We’ll have free give-aways and just […]

African-American Women Share their Business Experience

Join us for segment 3 of our discussion with 3 women business owners as we address issues relevant to the success of women entrepreneurs. Arlinda Moriarty, Me’chele Humphries – Hayes, and Author Renee Bryant Galloway come together to give you advice and wisdom you can use to start, sustain or grow your business. Combined the […]

Pamela Collier – An Evolving Woman?

We begin this year with a special Women to Watch Campaign. We ask women to share the milestones and the defining moments they encounter as they embrace change and accept the demands that have helped them to evolve. Public relations professional Pamela Collier accepted the challenge to produce her first play at the age of […]

Arlinda Moriarty – In Spite of a Disability…She did it Anyway!

Arlinda Moriarty’s Journey from Housing Projects to Home Health Care Success By Khadija Woods Arlinda Moriarty is a rising star in Pennsylvania’s home health care industry. In 2000 she established Moriarty Consultants, a full-service home health care services agency that operates in 30 counties in Pennsylvania and Georgia. Although home health care is a high […]

Operating Your Home-based Business

So you say, one day you want to be your own boss and do it from your own home. Well, these ladies have some tips, advice and some guidance to share with you. Our guests are author and speaker DrGail McClain Hayes, professional event planner LaTonya Barber-Johnson and creator of Sleeping Pretty Hair Bonnets Michele Grier. Listen in, then […]