New York Fashion Week Africa 2015

Adiree is the branding and communications firm behind the brand New York Fashion Week Africa, an idea fostered and re-molded by Adiat Disu after watching Arise Magazine’s runway show during New York Fashion Week in 2009. Under Africa Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week Africa is a social enterprise: a platform for trade, marketing and […]

Natural Basic Skincare Products

When caring for your skin, keep it clean, keep it natural, most of all…keep it simple. No need to spend a lot of money on products that make a lot of claims and adorn their packaging in a fancy bottle promoted by an expensive model.  The products shown in this video are natural, very inexpensive and […]

Your Stylish Ways – Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Belt!

I never thought very much about belts, they were simply nothing more than an item used to hold up my pants up.  But recently I have learned to utilize them as one of my favorite accessories. In fact, a belt is a great accent to my favorite ensemble, while accentuating my waistline. A belt stands out […]

Ola is Talkin’ Hats

Ola is talking about the hats she bought with a few cents, but a lot of style. Let us know about your fashion finds and where to get ’em. Leave a comment.  

Dinah!: The Dinah Washington Story

Pittsburgh Songstress, Delana Flowers, stars as Dinah Washington in a musical presented by the Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre Company that also features Ijasneem, Leo Beatty, Cheryl El Walker, Stephanie Akers, and Les Howard. Written and directed by Ernest McCarty. Wardrobe designer and makeup artist Cheryl EL designed the fabulous wardrobe. The ensembles in the collection are […]

She’s a Homegirl CEO

Gianna Thomas is owner of a Lifestyle Enrichment company, providing innovative and holistic solutions to help individuals and organizations maximize their greatest potential. She created Glow Girl Activewear™ collection for daytime recreational wear, leisure activity and fitness. She also developed GGG Consulting a Professional Image Coaching & Lifestyle Management Company. providing coaching and training for personal […]

Powerful Statement on The Image of Beauty

The model in this TED Talks presentation has an honest and authentic talk on the image of beauty. She tells how her looks define an image that is unattainable to many. She also mentions a study that indicated that out of about 600 models on the runways; only about fraction happened to be African-American. She […]

Girl, Get Your Eyebrows Right!

Love this video on how to make those awesome eyebrows.