You Have to Finish to Win

It’s Our Time! It has been said that most resolutions don’t even last until the end of month. The diet and fitness resolutions that you committed to may actually work. It’s the discipline that gets us into trouble. What makes the difference between success and failure is “YOU”. Each year many of us start a […]

The Best and the Worst: Advice from the Most Powerful Women

African-American Women Share their Business Experience

Join us for segment 3 of our discussion with 3 women business owners as we address issues relevant to the success of women entrepreneurs. Arlinda Moriarty, Me’chele Humphries – Hayes, and Author Renee Bryant Galloway come together to give you advice and wisdom you can use to start, sustain or grow your business. Combined the […]

Me’chele’s Wellness Spa – Wellness is Her Business

Have you been thinking about starting a business? Listen in as Me’chele Humphries Hayes shares how she turned her dream into a reality going from apprentice to being the owner of her own luxury spa, Me’chele’s Wellness Spa. If you are thinking about starting your own business, be sure to join us for the Onyx Woman […]

Acknowledging the Different Career Needs of Men and Women

Diane Offereins, president of payment services at Discover Financial Services, discusses shifting the company’s policy on diversity to acknowledge the different career needs of men and women.

Small Business Success Story: Mininos Salon for Kids

Get Inspired! Meet Claudia, owner of Mininos Salon for Kids. Claudia went from employee to being her own boss! Her success story is the first segment of CareerFuel’s “How America Works” series, a collection of job search and small business success stories.

A Woman’s Story: Breast Cancer Survivor

Idya Harris,  breast cancer survivor shares her story of her journey as she correlates it to the transformation of a butterfly