Do You Want to Start Your Own Business?

How did these ladies turn their vision into reality?  Watch to find out.

They talk about priorities, they discuss being focused, and how to separate your personal life from your business life and the importance of time management.

How do you get an idea and then execute it?  Our guests say, “The key is execution!”

Find out how to keep your business from running you by listening in to our guests:

Arlinda Moriarty is the President and CEO of Moriarty Consultants, an award-winning  business that happens to be one of the top minority-owned businesses in Pittsburgh. Being diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) did not stop Arlinda from building a multi-million dollar business with 0ver 750 employees and offices throughout the country.

Renee Bryant Galloway, is an author of the book titled DONE: Prioritize, Plan, Perform to Accomplish Your Goals. Renee is a guru at productivity and execution planning.

Me’chele Humphries Hayes , is the owner of  Me’chele’s Wellness Spa.  She has been in business for 30 years. She went from being an apprentice to employee to buying the business from her boss. Now she is the boss!

Rosemary Crawford, Esq.  As a Bankruptcy Trust Attorney Rosemary Crawford is well equipped to educate you on what you need to do to get your financial house in order. She is a well respected expert and has been invited to share her expertise in an area that is sometimes challenging for us to navigate.

Deborah Hickman is known for her philanthropy and her support of young people in the community.

This energetic Giant Eagle store owner used to be a Giant Eagle employee, who wanted more for herself and her community.  Deborah set and achieved a goal that allowed the community to not have to leave their neighborhood to buy groceries. But what is most important to her is to bring employment opportunities to minority teens who fall into the misfortune of being the highest unemployed.

Ms. Deb, as she is referred, will share with our conference attendees how she has sustained and grown her business through networking and building business relationships that generate sales.

Be ready to be uplifted, inspired and motivated by her presentation, knowledge and encouragement.

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