JoAnn Forrester – I Can Do This!

JoAnn Forrester is the President of S. I. Business Associates and Founder of the Empress of Biz. For over 35 years she has been helping women and minority business owner. She is a leader who has created a legacy in the business world as an advocate who is educating women on how to succeed as entrepreneurs.

The small business funding specialist has raised 40 plus million dollars in loans for businesses. She is the co-developer of Price it Perfect(TM), and is the popular host of The Empress of Biz Reinvent in Rugged Times radio show. In addition, she
serves as a guest columnist for the Pittsburgh Business Times; writing on growth issues impacting small business.

She has written 300 plus award winning profiles for clients; securing local, regional and national recognition for their accomplishments and businesses. She co-authored two workbooks and numerous papers on small business concerns and issues.

JoAnn co-founded Celebrate & Share to highlight the achievements of women and small business owners. Celebrate & Share is an organization dedicated to raising funds for women and children in need, and highlighting the achievements of women in Pennsylvania. Celebrate & Share has honored over 225 women while raising funds for organizations such as Cribs for Kids, Tomorrow’s Future and Dress for Success. The long term goal of C & S is to establish a Woman’s Hall of Achievement recognizing the women of Pennsylvania and their valuable contributions to the Pittsburgh area.

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