Girl, Start That Business!

Resources for Success

By Ola Jackson

Founder and CEO of OWN: Onyx Woman Network

What do you do when your paycheck is too low and the bills are too high? How do you cope when unemployment is soaring and your hope is dwindling? You can sit, wonder, worry and wait for a miracle or you can simply emerge. Emerge into a plan of action that evolves into a profitable venture.

The unstable economy and hostile political climate have damaged traditional safety nets. When you accept the fact that times have changed, you need not be still while the world and the workplace transform around you.

Start with a plan, stay focused, assess your progress and don’t just simply move on…move up! Take charge of your life and make crucial changes. Reward yourself for your successes and utilize the lessons you’ve learned from your setbacks. Most importantly, practice discipline. Anyone can get in the race, but it’s up to you to decide if you have what it takes to stay in and soar. Time management and prioritizing are two great assets that will help you along the way. Practice self-motivation and understand the role that discipline plays in your accomplishments.

This resource guide contains lists of organizations and articles that will assist you in preparing a business plan, seeking out funding and creating the initial structure for your next venture. Whether you are considering striking out on your own full-time, setting up a part-time entity or embarking on just a little something on the side, this guide is here to assist and motivate you to take the next step.
Take a close look at the emerging business owners that are advertised in this guide and show them your support by utilizing their services. Connect with those who are already doing what you want to do, who are where you want to be. They can show you how to get there because in challenging times, our greatest resource is each other.

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