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    I would like to nominate a woman who leads for 2019.
    I have been blessed to meet and be treated by an amazing doctor and physical therapist, Dr. Crystal Champion.
    She promotes hope, health, happiness, peace, and positivity.
    Not only did she help me physically, but she also helped me emotionally.
    She is caring, kind, considerate, and thoughtful. Her hands are healing, her heart is warm, and her spirit is gracious.

    It is evident that she chose this career because she has a passion for helping people not just get better, but also continue to be better.
    A Champion is exactly what she is. A Champion is a person who fights or argues for a cause on behalf of someone else. A Champion is also defined as an advocate, proponent, promoter, supporter, defender, upholder, and backer. Champion is also a verb that means to support the cause of, or defend. She exhibits all of these qualities and so much more. I thank her for being a Champion for me and encouraging me on this lymphedema and breast cancer journey. I firmly believe that God chose her to share her gifts, wisdom, and knowledge to help heal His people. I am so grateful to be among those who benefit from her skills and expertise. I truly appreciate her for going the extra mile, above and beyond, to provide the treatment, therapy, services, and supplies that we all so desperately need. I am thankful that she allows God to use her as a vessel to bless me and so many others. I am honored to call her my doctor, my therapist, and my friend.

    Dr. Champion has had family and friends that have been affected by cancer and have endured horrible side-effects, leading to decline in physical functioning and a poor quality of life. Her passion for providing quality care for patients who require cancer rehabilitation and lymphedema therapy led her to start her own practice, Eminence Physical Therapy, LLC. Also, in her experience as a healthcare practitioner, she saw the need to serve cancer patients on a larger scale and encourage patients take a more holistic approach to restoring their psychological well-being, physical functioning, and quality of life as often the physical, psychological, spiritual, and emotional impairments resulting from cancer treatment are often not addressed or are improperly addressed.

    This led her to establish Champions Can! Foundation for Cancer Wellness, Inc., a nonprofit organization that promotes and advocates for cancer survivorship. She has gained more awareness surrounding the gaps in education regarding lymphedema treatment, cancer rehabilitation, as well as the limited focus on cancer survivorship once cancer treatment has been completed. Her company strives to be the leader in providing high quality care for lymphedema treatment as well as for cancer rehabilitation.
    The focus of the foundation is on individuals who are currently in cancer treatment or have completed cancer treatment, regardless of the type of cancer. These individuals, along with their families, friends, and caregivers, are often left without the necessary tools and resources in place to thrive and survive. Her organization hopes to be the leader in the promotion of cancer survivorship. Dr. Champion has also co-authored a book titled, “The Elements of Cancer Survivorship”, to give hope while helping people navigate the cancer journey.

    For more information on her company and foundation, please visit

    Thank you for your consideration.

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