You Have to Finish to Win

It’s Our Time!

It has been said that most resolutions don’t even last until the end of month. The diet and fitness resolutions that you committed to may actually work. It’s the discipline that gets us into trouble. What makes the difference between success and failure is “YOU”.

Each year many of us start a resolution by saying, “this is our year”. Do NOT make this another year of a broken promise.  You have to be responsible for knocking down barriers, you have to be dedicated to removing obstacles.

You have to finish to win. Stop the continuous, “I’m Starting Over” process. The, “I’m going to start tomorrow” attitude has to be put to a limit. If you keep restarting you may never finish. Telling yourself that you are going to start tomorrow may be your excuse to continuously put off what could be done today.

Create goals. Make a plan and stick with it, and understand you have to finish to win. If you need some motivation, get with other like-minded women on the same mission.  Find a way to reward yourself when you can. Understand that you have a choice.

Find a workout program that works for you. Everyone is not a jogger. Some people prefer Zumba. Other people enjoy weight lifting.

Schedule time to make this happen. I call it “Me Time!” You have to OWN Your Time!

No one makes you quit…you choose to quit.

This is your year to “Win”.

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