Your Friend’s Closet

Color Me Bright!We  created our Your Stylish Ways segments to help demonstrate how you could save money without sacrificing style and quality. We visit consignment shops, vintage stores and other retail outlets selecting stylish items that are versatile, functional and cost effective.

In this video we do what any one of you can do, and that’s, visit a friend’s closet and select some clothes that you can incorporate in your own ensemble. We all have friends that we admire for their sense of style and flare for fashion.

You can have your own swap party where you exchange garments with friends. Set some guidelines for price, and any other rules you want to establish. It could be that you establish a limit on the prices or you make sure that you exchange for each value items.

No matter what you do keep in mind that you bring something different to the clothes that you select. Most of all have fun!

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