2020 Onyx Woman Leadership Awards Honoree: Dina L. Clark’s Vision Has No Limits

Dina L. Clark
Head of Diversity & Inclusion – North America
Covestro LLC

What role has the support of other women played in your success?

For me, priceless support is directly connected to the love and attention that my mother gave to me from birth and throughout her life. She taught me very early on to be proud to be a woman and to continue to identify, develop and appreciate relationships, especially with other women. Our walk through this world is different, and we need to find ways to support each other personally and professionally.

Are you where you thought you would be and how did you get here?

I was taught never to chase money, but instead to focus on passion and purpose-driven work, which continues to make me smile. You never know where your passion might take you, and I never dreamed that my work would lead me from nonprofits to a global company, where I have the opportunity to travel to Germany and Mexico.  Keep your mind, eyes, and heart open for new possibilities because you never know where life will take you!

What would you tell other women about overcoming obstacles?

One of my favorite quotes is, “Why let the sky be your limit when there are footprints on the moon?” What I love about that quote is that it challenges us to tap into our own resilience and push ourselves past what we believe our limits are, because we are far more equipped to overcome obstacles than we can often see.

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