Color Me Naturally: My hair color journey


By Maia Williams

I recently dyed my hair with L’Oreal’s HighColor Highlights dye and I love it! I used the color magenta and I highlyAfterEdited-169x300 recommend it to anyone with dark hair who is trying to achieve a vibrant red color. Each box of dye was about $6. I purchased the dye, gloves, a mixing bowl, applicator brush and 20 volume developer at Sally’s Beauty Supply. I also purchased an olive oil deep conditioner. This came to a total of about $25.00.

If you want the color to lift a lot more, I recommend using a 30 or 40 volume developer. I was personally fine with a 20 developer because my hair was already colored before this. I added a 1:2 ratio of developer in the bowl (1 part dye 2 part developer). If you have long thick hair, you should use 2 boxes of dye. The dye has a thick consistency so you might want to add more developer until it’s creamy.

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