Dinning Alfresco- 4 menus to help “Up” your summer picnic

By Jamila Taylor

Unless you live in Texas or someplace tropical, spring and summer present the ideal time of year to dine alfresco. PicnicBetween ball games, movies in the park, and outdoor music festivals we all have ample opportunity to soak up lots of vitamin D the natural way. The unfortunate part is that with all those summer fun activities you can end up spending absorbent amounts of money on fast food that’s let’s face it, not very good for you. So, why not a summer picnic or two?

Picnics are the perfect way to have more control over what you’re eating and enjoy some luxurious bites while you’re relaxing in the shade and listening to jazz in the park. They are also great for exploring new cities and tasting their regional flavors without the full restaurant cost. Below we’ve laid out some picnic essentials and four menus you can try for your next outing. Your local grocery story is bound to have a few of these already made to keep things even more simple and carefree.

The Essentials:

  • Large blanket or foldable chairs
  • Picnic basket or cooler bags
  • Cups, dinnerware, cutlery, and napkins
  • Fresh-cut fruit
  • Water

These are the essential items you’ll need no matter what menu you decide to go for.

French Style – As you can imagine, the French have a delicate and simplistic palette in comparison to some other cultures. They like to mix salty with sweet for a more savory experience.  (Click on the link to read more). http://www.yourstylishways.com/dinning-alfresco-4-menus-to-help-up-your-summer-picnic-game/

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