Get a jump on 2018: Relax, Relate, Release: Meditation is an All Purpose Resource

Relax, Relate, Release — Meditation is an All Purpose Resource.

Isn’t it great when something that’s beneficial is also easy?

And free?

Meditation can help with so many issues I think of it as an all-purpose resource. The best part is that you can implement this today. No special course or materials or training necessary.

The easiest way is to focus on your breath.

Pause right where you are. Close your eyes if you can and pay attention to your nose, mouth and chest as air flows in during your inhale.

How does it feel?

How far back into your body can you trace the sensation?

Do the same thing as you exhale.

Even a few minutes will calm your mind, lower your respiration and can even lower blood pressure and reduce the stress hormone cortisol in your blood stream. How amazing is that? If you do this often, your body will start to recognize the “calming” sensation and start to do these things even faster.

Five Key Benefits of Meditation

  1. It reduces stress. It will help quiet the mind and bring you back to center or a feeling of grounded-ness.
  2. It improves concentration. Regular meditation will help when it’s time to focus on critical tasks and important moments. Some people even report improved memory and an improved ability to multi-task.

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