How ‘Bout a little Stiletto Workout!

Tired of the same old workout grind? Why not try something new? It requires a new way of thinking, the right attitude, and a pair of very high-heeled shoes.

Stiletto workouts are becoming popular across the nation. Participants get to strut their stuff in their favorite high heels while getting a good workout and, hopefully, burning off some pounds.

Entrepreneur and video producer Allegra Battles decided that women needed to step out of their exercise routine and step into the workout room in their favorite heels. The classes are held around Pittsburgh and are led by the stiletto workout instructor, Lamar Williams.

To get in touch with your inner Stiletto girl, contact Allegra at:

The workout participants show off their workout gear, which happens to be…their pumps
Business woman Wadria Taylor works off a little stress by ending her day with a Stiletto workout!
This busy mom even brought her baby with her to the class. She enjoys the time to spend with baby, while squeezing in a little workout time.Stelleto class


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