How Do You Define Style?


Style has been defined in so many different ways by so many people. The definition can be as unique as the individual defining the word.

Style is more than what you wear; it is how you wear it. But that’s just our opinion. We want you to give us your definition. Leave a message and we may post your response in our newsletter with a link to your website.

Tell us how you created your personal style brand. Are you contemporary, trendy, classic, sophisticated, or just a simple gal who just wears whatever she feels like whether it is in or out, vintage or brand new, or colorful and monotone?



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  1. My style is classic, basic yet stylish. I don’t like trendy, I’m too old for fads…love the simple, understated silhouettes with a touch of color. My height does not allow me to be to flashy.

  2. My style is elegance with grace and chic. my sense of style changes with the mood I’m in and the event I attend. I can wear anything a make it look like a million bucks on me. Everyone possesses a current style and everyone can’t wear certain clothes and look great in them. I definitely can pull off any style and wear it well.


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