How to maximize your time with your kids

Written By: Denise LaRosa

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With most parents working full time jobs outside of the home, many parents find themselves struggling to squeeze in some quality time with their children. Nowadays, even your kids’ schedule(s) can be hectic – from soccer practice, to piano lessons and so much more. All the hustle and bustle leaves the average family with only getting about an hour of downtime a day!Don’t feel guilty because you work outside of the home! I have been on both sides of this issue, first with my full time teaching job and now as a work-from-home mom. As my dear friend and child therapist, Leigh Ann Hrutkay said on my podcast, the goal is quality over quantity!

Good Morning America recently revealed some excellent ways to ensure that you are getting some quality time in with your child(ren):

1. Put all cell phones, tablets and other technology away!

2. Engage in meaningful conversations. Ask “why” questions as opposed to “what” questions. For example, “Why is science your favorite subject?”

3. Play a board game together.

4. Do a craft project together.

5. Do chores together, like folding laundry.

As a teacher, I will add one more; read to your children! 😉

Whatever you choose to do, make sure you are fully in the moment. Our children deserve our full attention during these special moments. 🙂



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