Martha’s Vineyard – Sisters & Friends Getaway!

Who are the women that attend Sisters & Friends Getaway?

While many do not know each other, sisterfriends come from varying background, stages and ages in life and share one common bond and that is to experience a peaceful, relaxing vacation. Women come from Washington, Texas, California, Georgia, Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York and many states in between.

What can I expect?

Make it up as you go! Stay busy or just relax. Things to do on the island include public tours, bicycle rental, beach walks, swimming, neighborhood stroll. You can browse the main shopping areas of Oak Bluff, (within 2 blocks), Edgartown, Vineyard Haven (both a bus ride away) see lighthouses, walk the historic Camp Ground to see the Gingerbread Houses. There is an automobile rental company though not necessary. We meet every morning and evening for meals (optional) which offers a time to get acquainted with each other. As we get closer to the date, guests will receive a non-binding agenda…group activities that may interest the group.

Checklist to bring:

1. A need to relax

2. An ability to laugh

3. A good appetite

4. A sense of adventure

5. The willingness to meet new people

6. A desire to do nothing

7. A consideration to dance, play games

8. A warm spirit

9. A smile or two

10. Comb, brush, clothes.

Can’t believe the cost! By going at the end of the season, costs are considerably less than the seasonal high time. Included with accommodations are delicious meals served twice a day. Meat and meatless dishes are prepared.

You could either meet them there or take the chartered bus from Pittsburgh.

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