Meet Pastry Chef Dena Stanley of Maddezsweetz

Maddezsweetz is a specialty bakery in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, that offers a variety of home-baked goods. From breads and dessert to foods made specifically for dietary restrictions, everything you receive from us is made from scratch. As a small business, great care and attention goes into everything we make, and it shows in the very first bite.

Chef Dena’s Background

Pastry Chef Dena Stanley is a Pittsburgh native. She graduated from South Vocational and Technological High denachefSchool in 2002 with certifications in both culinary arts and commercial baking. In addition to her certification, Dena obtained an associate’s degree from Le Cordon Bleu Pittsburgh.

After her academic endeavors, Dena moved to Atlanta where she embarked upon new experiences and enhanced her craft. Training under Executive Chefs Newton Pryce and Tracey Camberino, and Head Chef Brett Self, Dena mastered the art of baking.

Chef Dena worked and volunteered everywhere, from mom-and-pop bakeries and churches to corporations and universities. Her hard work and dedication has given her the courage to venture out on her own, and the result is Maddezsweetz where she specializes in breads, cookies, custom cakes, pastries and desserts for dietary restrictions.

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