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Dating Expert
Dating ExpertMiss Solomon is a dating expert and founder of TheDatingTruth.com. She provides honest advice and simple instruction for men and women committed to building stronger relationships. Her website attracts over 20,000 visitors a month and over half a million views on Youtube.

Born in Guyana, South America and the youngest of four daughters, Miss Solomon learned from her close-knit family the importance of healthy relationships and strong connections.

She first began connecting with others through music. As a traditional drummer and steelpan player, Miss Solomon started her young life as a musician and has performed on dozens of stages across the country. She developed the confidence and presence needed to excel in sales and quickly took over sales and marketing for her family’s manufacturing business.

While attending national music conferences, conventions and trade events across the country Miss Solomon honed her talents for selling. After making a $40,000 sale while in line at a hotel continental breakfast during a conference.

Miss Solomon recognized that when potential customers liked you, they purchased more items more frequently.

She later transitioned from her family’s company to the corporate world continuing her study of selling techniques and consumer behavior. Miss Solomon excelled as a financial sales consultant eventually becoming a luxury retail sales manager.

In 2009, Miss Solomon started a website called Thedatingtruth.com as a resource for single men and women seeking honest advice about dating, no fluff.

Since its launch Thedatingtruth.com it has attracted over half a million visitors worldwide as well as 700,000 views on Youtube.


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  1. Very Extremely Difficult for many of us Good Single Men looking for real love nowadays unfortunately since many of us aren’t Single by choice.

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