Onyx Woman® 25th Anniversary edition




In this issue we spotlight some of Pittsburgh’s Top 25 Women. These women give a voice and they are a voice for women.  They are inspiring, encouraging, and motivating. These are the women that we spotlighted during the 25th Anniversary Celebration.

You will be encouraged and enlightened by the fearless women who are making a difference, and impacting the quality of life of other women.

Get your issue today by clicking the link to purchase. The cost is only $3.95, plus $1.95 shipping and handling.

This edition includes motivational and inspirational stories about several women. I was moved by so many of the stories. You will be able to purchase online at www.onyxwoman.com

About the author

Marketing and media content development for diverse markets that enhances the image of women of color. To present women of diverse backgrounds and cultures in a positive and more realistic light.


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    1. Hello Renee, This anniversary issue is our last hard copy edition, so call it a collectors item. I saw a few at the Giant Eagle in E. Hills.

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