Onyx Woman Emerging Leaders of Influence Nominations

We are proud to announce our Onyx Woman Emerging Leadership Awards to highlight the contributions of some of Pittsburgh’s most evolving women. These phenomenal women play an important part as leaders who are making huge strides in the communities, workplace, business world and the political arena. These women of excellence are giving a voice and being a voice for other women, our neighbors, our children and the up and coming younger trailblazers.

They are a viable force to be reckoned with. Whether they are social media genesis, business savvy entrepreneurs or making inroads in the political arena,  their influences have not gone unnoticed.

We want you to submit nominees for this award and tell us about the woman or women that you know who are making a difference. Please leave their name(s), their title(s)and company name below along with a very brief description of how they are enriching lives and making Pittsburgh communities a better place to live. Hurry…the deadline to submit your nominee(s)is July 31.

On October 6, 2018, Onyx Woman will honor some of our best and brightest. We will announce the honorees on August 6, 2018, along with more details on the event’s  and location.

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  1. Sharise Nance, co founder Hand to Hand Counseling Services. As a licensed therapist Sharise is an author of several books and her recent book on Compassion Fatigue is the most recent tool she has provided to assist MH providers and persons in the helping profession I sight on self care.

  2. Keysha Gomez, Founder and CEO of Hope 4 Tomorrow, a youth enrichment program that assist school age children residing on the west end of Pittsburgh with entrepreneurship, education enrichment and also a parent support group.

  3. Muffy Mendoza is the Founder of Pittsburgh Brown Mama’s and the Author of The Brown Mama Mindset. She created and Hosted the first ever Pittsburgh Brown Mama Monlogue’s which was a fantastic experience of mother’s coming and sharing their experiences as mother’s of color. Her FB group Pittsburgh Brown Mama’s has been an awesome resource for mother’s of all ages. She has influenced and encouraged Brown Mama’s whether it was through social media, her writing, or events honoring all things motherhood.

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